Letter to the Editor for Jan. 15, 2018

City Council irresponsible to approve pay raise Wow! A nearly $10,000 pay raise. That should … Read more

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 12, 2018

Wolves do not bring benefits to Northeast Oregon Suzanne Fouty wrote a very articulate letter … Read more

White space and rabbit ears: For faster internet

If you’re old enough to understand the connection between aluminum foil and your TV set, … Read more

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 10, 2018

Healthcare needs a real solution It strikes me as odd how intelligent people on both … Read more

Bundys beat the feds again

We’re tempted to argue that Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and his family have gotten … Read more

Prohibition and state pot laws

You might have thought federal officials would have learned something from the spectacular failure called … Read more

Letter to the Editor for Jan. 8, 2018

The downside of the tax bill There are many reasons the new tax bill is … Read more

Slipping into the furthest recesses of Baker’s past

On the next-to-last day of 2017 I went for a walk in the snowy woods … Read more

Fighting opioids

It’s an illegal substance — methamphetamine — that shows up most often in the news … Read more

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 3, 2018

No new taxes: Vote No on Measure 101 Ballot wording for Measure 101 tries to … Read more

Letter to the Editor for Jan. 1, 2018

If it’s OK for Israel, what about Native Americans? God granted Israel to the Jews … Read more

Far from Oregon’s best shot

Oregonians act in a curiously inconsistent way when it comes to healthy living. We work … Read more

Salt starts to show potential

The results are preliminary, but the limited evidence suggests that adding rock salt to the … Read more

Propaganda obscures simple truths in tax bill

I can’t blame people for feeling confused about the effects of the tax reform bill … Read more

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 27, 2017

Bible makes it clear that Israel belongs to the Jews The Bible is not a … Read more

Anthony’s big boost

Lest anyone believe it is always quixotic to even try to influence the federal government, … Read more

The ordinary life of a truly extraordinary man

Steve Sharp’s kitchen seemed so ordinary that the only thing I noticed was the box … Read more

Spotlight on the poachers

The press releases from the Oregon State Police have been so frequent recently and so … Read more

Letter to the Editor for Dec. 20, 2017

Wolves can help county endure future droughts The authors of a recent letter praised a … Read more

Baker’s big bill

Read more

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 15, 2017

Struggling to process recent letters to the editor Been struggling to process disturbing events starting … Read more

Even a little bit of mint sometimes is too much

I clumsily tipped over a vial of pure mint oil the other evening and instantly … Read more

State offers words but not jobs

Oregon state government has offered plenty of words over the past year or so touting … Read more

Letter to the Editor for Dec. 13, 2017

Vote Yes on Measure 101 to protect Oregonians’ health care This is a crucial time … Read more

Reader revives concern about online comments

I received an email from a reader a while back who tossed out some pretty … Read more

Letter to the Editor for Dec. 8, 2017

Brave victims have brought sexual harassers to account The winds of shame are roaring through … Read more

Work sessions and trust

We don’t mind that the Baker City Council wants to discuss certain topics without feeling … Read more

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 4, 2017

We shouldn’t judge accused based on a single story How can we put a stop … Read more

Letter to the Editor for Dec. 1, 2017

County needs to clarify what’s off-limits at Lime Humans created one of the earliest undisputed … Read more

Old crimes retain their ability to frighten, fascinate

A pair of murder cases that in the pre-Internet era captivated America, but which these … Read more

‘No’ on Measure 101

You’re likely to see the number 350,000 often between now and Jan. 23, 2018, when … Read more

Letter to the Editor for Nov. 29, 2017

Leaves and lava rocks make for a frustrating pairing Those big beautiful trees, front and … Read more

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