Signs of brightness on Baker’s dark day

Saturday morning was warm and bright and as the floats comprising the Miners Jubilee parade … Read more

State lags on water studies

You might think it a reasonable thing for the Oregon Legislature to spend $1.8 million … Read more

Kids, pets and cars in the heat

It’s been a hotter-than-average July in Baker City, and for many people a busy one. … Read more

Legislature wise to keep crime lab open

Eastern Oregon got some good news from Salem last week. The state House of Representatives … Read more

Don’t delay on roadkill salvage law

The headlines proclaiming that people who crash into a deer or an elk on an … Read more

Health care bill yields frightening projections

No one can say with precision how the health care reform bill that Congress is … Read more

Thanks again, Leo

The years pass with such a smooth speed that we were more than a bit … Read more

Why we can always use more water here

The sight that greets eastbound drivers on Highway 7 near its intersection with Hudspeth Lane … Read more

Temporary fee is a good goal

Joseph Martin’s vow to make a citizen’s arrest Tuesday night on the members of the … Read more

Mumps and the value of vaccines

The success of vaccines over the past several decades has been so immense that infectious … Read more

Sage grouse status quo

We have mixed feelings about Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s decision to require federal agencies to … Read more

Caution with air traffic

President Trump’s proposal to privatize America’s air traffic control system deserves a serious discussion. The … Read more

Spreading the blame

We can’t imagine that anybody who has watched even 10 seconds of Jeremy Joseph Christian’s … Read more

A budget that lacks drama

How refreshing it was to see the Baker School District’s Budget Board go about its … Read more

Portland and free speech

A maniac who yelled anti-Muslim epithets at two women on a Portland light rail train … Read more

Popular vote bill deprives rural areas

A majority of Baker County voters, in common with their counterparts in much of rural … Read more

Sluggish recovery

Oregon’s government puts out some interesting reports, including a recent study examining the struggles rural … Read more

Celebrate the Trail Center

The white hump on the crest of Flagstaff Hill, resembling from some angles a particularly … Read more

A fair penalty

There is no such thing as a happy outcome after the tragic and unnecessary death … Read more

Getting serious in Washington

The announcement Wednesday that former FBI Director Robert Mueller will lead an investigation into allegations … Read more

Studying the city’s bill debacle

The Baker City Council’s top priority over the next few weeks is to balance the … Read more

Studying the city’s bill debacle

Read more

The furor over a flag

We don’t much care for the Confederate flag, which understandably has acquired the common connotation … Read more

Rethink city fee

Baker City officials call it the “public safety fee,” but we have two alternate titles … Read more

Study could help grouse

A recently published scientific study showing that cutting juniper trees can benefit sage grouse wasn’t … Read more

Preparing for the eclipse

The total eclipse on Aug. 21 will last for barely 2 minutes, but its potential … Read more

Law is not necessary

We agree with members of Oregon’s Legislature who want to reduce the state’s suicide rate. … Read more

Portland’s pathetic protesters

It seems there’s no event in Portland that a relative handful of ruffians can’t ruin. … Read more

Future of national monuments

We’re not particularly perturbed by President Trump’s executive order last week ordering a review of … Read more

Oregon looks to trim costs

The two-month ban on hiring new state employees that Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced last … Read more

Public records problems

We applaud the Oregon Legislature for trying to make it easier for people to have … Read more

Why we prefer a 5-day week

The debate over whether Baker students should attend school four days per week or five … Read more

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