Symbolism and some substance

There are multiple ways Baker High School students could honor the victims of the Feb. … Read more

Land sale is sensible

Baker City’s tentative plan to pay the estimated $930,000 cost to replace the irrigation system … Read more

BHS girls basketball makes us proud

The Baker High School girls basketball team has been almost perfect this season. Actually they … Read more

Time to decide on tree trims

There is an inherent conflict between the trees that beautify our city and the power … Read more

Salt shows again that it’s useful

Another snowstorm, another relatively tranquil period on Interstate 84 through Northeastern Oregon. There are myriad … Read more

Intrigued by lime plant plan

There are multiple reasons for Baker County to clean up the abandoned lime plant along … Read more

What do we want to be?

This isn’t the country we want it to be. Surely we can all agree on … Read more

Golf carts and the city budget

Baker City Manager Fred Warner Jr., in his report to the City Council recommending councilors … Read more

Pot’s not the only problem

Baker City Police Chief Wyn Lohner is concerned because he and his officers cited 22 … Read more

Don’t wait to help foster kids

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson has done his job by compiling an audit of … Read more

Let’s spur real debate

Considering the myriad ways in which Donald Trump has at least temporarily changed our perception … Read more

Nilsson should resign

Adam Nilsson should step down as a Baker City Council member. We don’t question Nilsson’s … Read more

Letter to the Editor for Jan. 29, 2018

Applauding Commissioner Bruce Nichols’ independence In a letter to the editor of the Baker City … Read more

The right response to a threat

Police had a decision to make when they learned Wednesday afternoon that a man who … Read more

Judge was right on city suit

Whether Baker City Police Chief Wyn Lohner and officers from his department violated Brian Addison’s … Read more

Proceed with caution

Baker County commissioners’ efforts to influence how the Tri-County Cooperative Weed Management Area operates are … Read more

Far from a modest fee boost

We don’t object to asking people who already have homes to help less fortunate Oregonians … Read more

City fails to justify pay hike

Baker City Councilor Dan McQuisten pinpointed a disappointing aspect of his colleagues’ decision last week … Read more

Bundys beat the feds again

We’re tempted to argue that Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and his family have gotten … Read more

Prohibition and state pot laws

You might have thought federal officials would have learned something from the spectacular failure called … Read more

Fighting opioids

It’s an illegal substance — methamphetamine — that shows up most often in the news … Read more

Far from Oregon’s best shot

Oregonians act in a curiously inconsistent way when it comes to healthy living. We work … Read more

Salt starts to show potential

The results are preliminary, but the limited evidence suggests that adding rock salt to the … Read more

Anthony’s big boost

Lest anyone believe it is always quixotic to even try to influence the federal government, … Read more

Spotlight on the poachers

The press releases from the Oregon State Police have been so frequent recently and so … Read more

Baker’s big bill

Read more

State offers words but not jobs

Oregon state government has offered plenty of words over the past year or so touting … Read more

Work sessions and trust

We don’t mind that the Baker City Council wants to discuss certain topics without feeling … Read more

‘No’ on Measure 101

You’re likely to see the number 350,000 often between now and Jan. 23, 2018, when … Read more

Brownfield program helps city, students

It might sound contradictory, but environmental contamination is turning into a boon for Baker City. … Read more

Dealing with the ‘worst of the worst’

We understand why Baker City Police Chief Wyn Lohner has asked the City Council to … Read more

Letting a wolf lie

The pro-wolf lobby is determined to prove that a Clackamas man who shot and killed … Read more

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