Privacy and local pot taxes

The budding marijuana industry in Oregon has created a direct conflict with the state’s venerable … Read more

Libraries as bastions of freedom

We sometimes take the public library for granted, thinking of it only as a place … Read more

The gun debate

The platitudes that follow a tragedy such as the mass shooting in Las Vegas on … Read more

Protecting vulnerable children

The meeting that took place a week ago in Baker City was the sort of … Read more

Finding a place for our plastics

It’s all but impossible for a consumer to avoid buying plastic, but until recently it’s … Read more

Trump’s words, actions

If President Trump were his own press secretary he would have fired himself by now. … Read more

Welcome state audit

We’re pleased that Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson seems to share our distaste for … Read more

Money goes up in smoke

The idea is so simple, and so obvious, that it’s hardly surprising Congress hasn’t acted … Read more

Making sure of a life sentence

Although the people who murdered seven strangers at Charles Manson’s behest in 1969 renounced their … Read more

City should take grant

The Baker City Council on Tuesday night tabled its discussion about whether to accept a … Read more

Fires affect everyone

After listening to the mournful interviews and reading the elegiac laments about the effects of … Read more

Reviving a forest project

We’re pleased that the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest is reviving a large logging project in eastern … Read more

Councilor’s legal trouble

Baker City Council member Adam Nilsson has not been convicted of any crime, but the … Read more

Deeper look into OHA

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown seems satisfied that convincing Lynne Saxton to resign as head of … Read more

Gun law should go to voters

It looks as though one of the more troubling new laws that resulted from this … Read more

Eclipse, not effects, was the big story

Monday’s total solar eclipse, certainly the most anticipated event in Oregon in many years, didn’t … Read more

News as it’s happening

Hold the presses. That’s what we’ll be doing on Monday, as we chronicle a historic … Read more

The Korea problem

“Saber rattling” is the analogy frequently used to describe two countries exchanging verbal threats of … Read more

Focus on fire threat

We didn’t need a reminder about the danger of human-caused wildfires as we approach the … Read more

The PERS problem persists

The bad news is that Oregon’s Public Employees Retirement System is on shakier financial ground … Read more

Salt pros outweigh the cons

Salt is pretty plain, as compounds go, but its reputation is much more grandiose. Depending … Read more

Trump’s blunder

President Donald Trump has had few tranquil periods during his six months in office, and … Read more

Rethinking economic development

The Baker County Commissioners’ decision last week to give the county’s economic development contractor a … Read more

Congress takes away a bargain

The National Park Service turned 100 last year, and the venerable agency has not aged … Read more

For safer parades

We agree with Baker City officials’ decision to discuss ways to make parades safer in … Read more

Signs of brightness on Baker’s dark day

Saturday morning was warm and bright and as the floats comprising the Miners Jubilee parade … Read more

State lags on water studies

You might think it a reasonable thing for the Oregon Legislature to spend $1.8 million … Read more

Kids, pets and cars in the heat

It’s been a hotter-than-average July in Baker City, and for many people a busy one. … Read more

Legislature wise to keep crime lab open

Eastern Oregon got some good news from Salem last week. The state House of Representatives … Read more

Don’t delay on roadkill salvage law

The headlines proclaiming that people who crash into a deer or an elk on an … Read more

Health care bill yields frightening projections

No one can say with precision how the health care reform bill that Congress is … Read more

Thanks again, Leo

The years pass with such a smooth speed that we were more than a bit … Read more

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