Nathan L.

A just completed remodel of the Wells Fargo Bank branch inside the

Safeway store in Baker City displays a more traditional bank look,

including stand up teller windows.

"We did the entire tear out and remodel in seven days over two

weekends, working 24 hours a day," said Jim Kauth, project manager for

Sid Johnson Construction of Baker City, the general contractor on the

Wells Fargo remodel.

"Other than the cabinets built by a Boise cabinet maker that builds

cabinets for a lot of Wells Fargo projects, everything else came from

town," Kauth said, including wood, drywall, plumbing, electrical and


During a final walkthrough of the project on Tuesday, Kauth, along with

branch manager Jamie Funke and Wells Fargo project manager Laurie

DuRocher of Boise decided to add a water cooler and chose the perfect

spot to hang a painting depicting the company's horse-drawn stagecoach.

Funke said one additional teller window was added during the remodel,

as well as a separate manager's office that provides a private location

for customers to discuss loans or open accounts.

Traditional teller windows, which replaced the chair-level countertops, are designed for customer convenience and a smoother flow, Funke said.

There's a new computer in a more private location where customer can access their accounts.

The cash machine has also been relocated to provide easier access to customers, Funke said.

Tyler Bowling is the service manager, Tina Fraser and Heidi Quintela are lead tellers, and tellers Jesse McMillan and Danny Gately round out the staff at the branch.

Amid the nationwide financial crisis, Funke said she hopes the remodeling project will send a message to local customers that the Baker City branch of Wells Fargo bank is here to stay.