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Logan Harris Carr finally has a brother and sisters, just like all the other kids in his second-grade class at North Baker School.

But, unlike his classmates siblings, his new brother and two sisters arrived all on the same day when his mother, Sheree Carr, delivered triplets.

The babies were born on Nov. 3, 2001, at St. Lukes Hospital in Boise. Sheree and Bob Carr brought their children home Nov. 29.

I feel great, big-brother Logan said about the triplets arrival. Theyre cool.

Hes even hoping to take them to school for show-and-tell sometime soon, his mother said.

The babies were delivered by Caesarean section nearly seven weeks early. Their full-term delivery date would have been Dec. 17. Although doctors had hoped to delay the birth until Sherees 36th week of pregnancy, the babies were delivered at 33 weeks and four days because of complications.

Jaelyn Diane was born at 12:36 a.m. and weighed in at 3 pounds, 13 ounces. Next came Alyssa Rose, weighing 4 pounds, and Gavin Tyler, 4 pounds, 6 ounces, both delivered at 12:37 a.m.

Jaelyn was on a ventilator for 10 hours, and all of the babies were given fluids intravenously during the early days after delivery, but otherwise they had no problems.

For that the family is thankful. During their long stay at the hospital they learned to appreciate their good fortune.

We met so many people with babies with serious problems, Sheree said. These three were teeny-tiny and they were just perfect. They are special babies.

The triplets remained in the hospitals neonatal intensive care unit for 27 days while they adapted to life outside the womb.

They were so small, Sheree said. They had to gain weight, hold their heat and eat on their own, before they were released to come home.

Sheree, 28, stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in Boise during that time and was visited regularly by her husband and son.

The entire family, including grandparents, Diana and Joe Carr and Richard and Rosemary Easton, all of Baker City, became celebrities as they were recognized as visitors for the triplets.

The family had health insurance through Sherees work at Safeway, where she is a person in charge and a checker. She plans to return to work in mid-February.

The bills, which have arrived in large packets, have totaled $51,000 for Jaelyn; $57,000 for Alyssa; and $50,000 for Gavin. The cost of her care totaled about $19,000, Sheree said.

The months leading up to the birth were difficult. Sheree had to leave her job at Safeway in June and she spent the last six weeks before delivery in the Boise hospital. Bob and Logan celebrated Halloween at the hospital with her and then took a trip to the Boise Zoo, where special events were scheduled.

For Sheree, the time passed slowly. I watched a lot of TV, she said.

Every day shed say, I dont think I can do this anymore, Bob added.

The triplets were discovered when Sheree began experiencing problems in the first three months of pregnancy.

Her mother-in-law recalled the day the multiple pregnancy was confirmed.

They found the first one and then they found the second one and then they found the third one and Sheree said, Dont look any more.

Although Sheree knew there was a possibility she could have a multiple birth because her father has seven sets of twins on his side of the family, she and her husband still were overwhelmed at the prospect of triplets.

When just one baby was expected, the couple had planned to move to Newberg where Bob, 24, worked at a paper mill. He quit that work and took a welding job in Boise to be with his wife during the end of her pregnancy. That job has since ended and he is seeking other employment.

Because they had planned to move, the couple, who have been married for about a year and a half, had placed their belongings in storage. They decided to remain in Baker City because of the family support they have here, but the change of plans also required them to quickly find a new home for their expanded family.

Transportation is another issue complicated by adding three children all at once. Although the couple have two vehicles, a Jeep Cherokee and a Mazda Protege, each only carries five members of their six-person family.

The time involved in caring for a newborn is multiplied by three as they change 30 diapers and feeds each baby 2 ounces of formula nine times in a 24-hour period.

They have contacted companies that supply baby products such as Pampers, Gerber and Johnson andamp; Johnson to ask if they would be willing to help with some of the expense.

Any donations from the community also would be appreciated, Bob said.

Were not asking for charity, he said. But I know there are a lot of good people in Baker wholl help.

Donations of diapers or other items may be taken to Sherees parents home at 3780 10th St. or contributions may be made by calling the Carrs at 523-9241.

As a proud grandma, Diana Carr hopes to plan an opportunity for the community to meet the new babies.