Virginia VanOcker said she was surprised and scared when she looked out her bedroom window this morning.

andquot;I've always been afraid this would happen,andquot; the East Street resident said this morning.

A massive limb on a neighbor's tree had split off the main trunk and fallen in her side and backyard, a few feet from her house.

One of the tree's remaining limbs still stands, close to VanOcker's house and bedroom.

Too close, she thinks.

VanOcker's friend, Jeanne Cates, came over this morning to help handle the situation.

Noting the tangle of laundry lines torn down by the tree, Cates suggested andquot;you won't be hanging any laundry today.andquot;

The owner of the property where the tree is located, Dennis Dorrah, could not be reached for comment this morning.

But VanOcker hopes Dorrah or her insurance company will agree to remove the tree.

VanOcker isn't certain when the tree fell. She doesn't hear very well, she said, so she couldn't be certain whether it tumbled during Tuesday afternoon storms or overnight.

Winds up to 35 mph were recorded at the Baker Municipal Airport as storm cells dumped rain on Baker City.