Of the Baker City Herald

When Gloria Schott's grandsons received two green plants to grow, they never imagined the result.

No, it wasn't a giant beanstalk. But it's close.

The two giant pumpkin plants produced yards of vine, but only one pumpkin each.

andquot;All we did was water it and it grew and grew and grew,andquot; said six-year-old Steven Schott. He wasn't home when they were planted, but his younger brother, three-year-old Alexander, helped their grandpa put the plants in the ground last spring.

The pumpkin plants were given to the Schotts by Don Crompton. As soon as the fruit started growing, Gloria said they measured it every week.

The pumpkins grew five to 10 inches by each measurement.

andquot;Mine got the biggest. I can't even jump over it,andquot; Steven said.

Gloria said that the largest pumpkin measured 80 inches in circumference three weeks before they carved it.

In a somewhat ironic twist, Crompton's giant pumpkin plants didn't produce any fruit at all.

Steven, who will be Captain Hook for Halloween alongside Alexander's Peter Pan, wasn't too sure what his pumpkin's fate would be at first, but then decided to carve it.

andquot;They each drew a picture of what they wanted on the pumpkin,andquot; Gloria said, then the adults carved out the faces. Steven and Alexander are the sons of Jon and Dawn Schott.

andquot;The youngest one (Alexander) wanted teeth like a shark,andquot; she said, and Steven's giant pumpkin has a big, toothless grin.

andquot;It was fun for all of us and we had pumpkin from here to there,andquot; she said.

The seeds have been saved for next year's crop of giant pumpkins.