Of the Baker City Herald

Being a big brother to triplets has been interesting.

There are similarities and differences that keep 8-year-old Logan Carr and his mother, Sheree, on their toes.

Logan often helps at mealtimes and as entertainer for his sisters, Alyssa and Jaelyn. Brother Gavin has taken a real shine to his big brother.

Baker City's triplets were 1 year old Sunday. Sheree Carr said there have been many inquiries since the Baker City Herald reported the birthing of the trio in 2001. Carr said she and husband, Bob, have been fortunate to have the help of her sister, Sarah Horn, who provides the day care for the triplets along with their mother, Rosemary Easton.

The triplets have been busy swimming, teething and developing distinct personal traits. Jaelyn is the oldest, eats the most, yet lightest in weight, 17 pounds, but definitely the crew boss. Alyssa outweighs her sister by two pounds, but is usually quiet and more observant, Carr said.

The sisters, however, like to gang up on their happy-go-lucky brother, Gavin, who matches sister, Alyssa, pound-for-pound, Carr added. Gavin and Logan seem to have become more closely bonded.

Gavin, who's the youngest, had the first tooth, Jaelyn came up with the first word, while Alyssa managed the first step.

The care of three at a time can be challenging. Logan said he has part of the system pretty much in hand. He imposed his own ruling that you have to be 16 years old to change diapers. But he occasionally helps out with that duty, mom said.