Of the Baker City Herald

Investigators seized 37 marijuana plants being grown in a garage/shop area on Pocahontas Road in a search of the property Wednesday afternoon.

Aaron Brown, 32, of 43338 Pocahontas Road, was jailed on charges of possessing, distributing and manufacturing marijuana and possessing methamphetamine, according to Lt. Ray Duman of the Oregon State Police.

Baker County Narcotics Enforcement Team members executed a search warrant at the residence at 4:20 p.m., Duman said. In addition to the marijuana plants, which were two- to three-feet tall, detectives also found 40 root balls showing evidence of recently cut plants, Duman said. A small amount of methamphetamine also was found in the shop/garage area.

Officers also seized 17 rifles and six handguns. Two of the handguns and four rifles were in the shop/garage. The others were in the house.

Browns wife, Kathy, and their two children were at the home when police arrived, Duman said. Kathy Brown has not been charged in the investigation. The children were released to a grandparent.

Aaron Brown was accused of distributing marijuana because of the large amount of the drug found, even though there was no large amount of money found at the site.

With that amount, it was more than for personal use, Duman said.

In any investigation involving marijuana, officers must consider whether the drug is for medicinal use, which Oregon law allows, Duman said.

Brown did not possess a medical marijuana card nor had he applied for a card, which the law requires, Duman said. Those using marijuana for medical purposes may possess only seven plants at a time, Duman added, including three mature plants and four immature plants.

The investigation is continuing.

The Baker County drug task force was assisted by Union County drug task force members and uniformed state and sheriff officers