IMNAHA The wind blew uphill, but the fire continued to creep down.

Jerry Kiesecker watched the flames from the 18,000-acre Horse Creek Fire as they crept nearer his home late last week.

And even if he wanted to look away, there was the sound.

It was intimidating as all get out, said Kiesecker, who has a home at Fence Creek. You could hear it almost like a jet, especially during the night.

Last Friday Kiesecker was busy keeping sprinklers going around his home, on his barn and on his neighbors roof.

The fire burned within a quarter mile of residences on the Imnaha River before the wind steered its course for Imnaha.

The fire, which started about seven miles northeast of Imnaha, moved to within a mile of Imnaha. The remaining active blaze is located along the southeast portion of the fire.

A fireline completed from Cayuse Flats to Horse Creek held overnight and was planned to be backburned today. Flames had jumped fireline in spots Monday night.

Officials are optimistic about having the fire officially contained by Friday.

As many as 462 people have been working the fire, including 32 local hires. Some people are expected to be sent home today. Drivers along the Lower Imnaha Road are asked to use extreme caution because of pedestrian and vehicle activity around the fire camp there. Hat Point Road remains closed.

The cost of fire suppression has grown to $1,279,211.

All of the Oregon Conflagration Act resources were demobilized as the threat to Imnaha and structures along the Imnaha River and Horse Creek diminished.

Officials hoped that a passing storm front would bring showers to help control the fire. However, there might also be the possibility of increased wind, a fire information officer said.