60 compete in YMCA triathlon

By Jayson Jacoby, The Baker City Herald


For the Baker City Herald

About 60 triathletes completed the third-annual "I Tri'd at the Y" event on Saturday.

This year featured two courses. The long course was a sprint triathlon, with a 600-yard swim, 10-mile bike ride and 3-mile run. The short course was a 400-yard swim, 6-mile bike ride and 1-mile run.

"It couldn't have been more perfect for the day - the weather was perfect and everyone was having fun," said Noel Salazar, wellness and membership director for the Y.

Photos from the event have been posted on the Y's Facebook page - just search for Baker YMCA.

Here are the results:

Overall Long Course

andbull; Mike Rushton 50:26

andbull; Dominic Clay 52:08

andbull; Jason Hardrath 52:31

Overall Short Course

andbull; Mahonri Rushton 37:12

andbull; Charity Rushton 38:18

andbull; Dave Coughlin 40:25


13 and under

andbull; Mahonri Rushton, 37:12

andbull; Charity Rushton, 38:18

andbull; Seth Rushton, 46:43

andbull; Kaiza Rea, 50:29

andbull; Adam Rushton, 52:30

andbull; Mary Rushton, 58:16

andbull; Emma Hardesty, 62:35


andbull; Margaret Doolittle, 46:22


andbull; Amy Jones, 62:35


andbull; Julie Swaggert, 44:23

andbull; Stephanie Spaugh, 44:30


andbull; Bob Moon, 40:50

andbull; Mitch Bulthuis, 43:13


andbull; Dave Coughlin, 40:25

andbull; Andrew Storer, 43:52

andbull; Al Schulthorpe, 53:05

70 and above

andbull; Gary Dielman, 40:51


13 and under

andbull; Tony Clay, 65:56

andbull; Jared Miller, 78:12


andbull; Dominic Clay, 52:08

andbull; Rebekah Rushton, 67:00

andbull; Eliza Rushton, 76:31


andbull; Jason Hardrath, 52:31

andbull; Stephen Henry, 56:37

andbull; Hayley Oats, 71:26

andbull; Kelly Jacobs, 80:08

andbull; Amy Heggedus, 83:04

andbull; Becky Welch, 77:43


andbull; Kristen Rushton, 64:30

andbull; Lisa Jensen, 78:36

andbull; Candice Hoskins, 92:13


andbull; Mike Rushton, 50:26

andbull; Susan Henry, 65:40

andbull; Courtney James, 69:31

andbull; Jake Jones, 70:40

andbull; Corrine Vegter, 70:42

andbull; Brian Vegter, 71:32

andbull; Tonya Dias, 76:09

andbull; Ken Dudley, 78:14

andbull; Karen Clay, 84:33

andbull; Jennifer Layman, 88:25

andbull; Lisa Osborne, 124:42


andbull; Steve Clements, 64:41

andbull; Dan Lees, 65:33

andbull; Eugene Yates, 69:59

andbull; Karl Wittich, 82:33

andbull; Calvin Henshaw, 82:49

andbull; Arlene Blumton, 84:33


andbull; Mike Newton, 69:07

Relay - long course

andbull; Team A: Stephanie Mays, Julie Stout and Kathy Mitchell, 77:11

andbull; Team B: Dawna Blincoe, Jerry Peacock, Toni Zikmund, 69:01

Relay - short course

andbull; TJ Clay and Noel Clements, 39:20

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Friday May 26, 2017

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