Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

By Lisa Britton

For the Baker City Herald

Tyler Schlipf wants to pursue a career in film,so he had a ready answer when a CBS news crew requested a guide this weekend.

"I said certainly," says Schlipf, who will be a senior this year at Baker High School.

CBS is coming to film the adventures of the Rand McNally Best of the Road team, which arrives Saturday.

Baker City is a finalist in the "most beautiful" category for the 2012 Best Small Towns contest sponsored by Rand McNally.

Baker City was a finalist last year as well, and that's when Timothy Bishop of Base Camp Baker asked Schlipf and the Film Arts Club from BHS to create a video of the team's visit.

"We followed them around, documented their visit, and posted it online," he said.

They were asked to do the same this year.

"Apparently, we did a good job last year."

Bishop also asked Schlipf if he'd be willing to work with the CBS crew as a guide, to show them around town and help set up equipment.

"I said certainly," Schlipf said.

He figured it was a volunteer job.

"Then I got paperwork and a contract," he said.

He'll get paid $100, which he'll in turn donate to the Film Arts Club.

Last year, Base Camp Baker paid the club for its work, and that money bought new cameras and a new green screen studio at BHS.

"We really thank Timothy Bishop and Base Camp Baker for that," Schlipf said.

This weekend, he will be on call from Saturday morning to Sunday evening. CBS is following the Rand McNally team to every town, and will turn the footage into a television special.

"They need a guide in every city to help them out," Schlipf said.

And, his name will be added to the credits of the final program.

"It's a good learning experience to watch how their operation is in the professional field," he said.