Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

By Devan Schwartz


Every summer, two-person teams of theater professionals depart from Missoula, Mont. in red trucks, carrying with them all the materials and know-how to put on complete shows in less than a week using local youth.

This Friday and Saturday, Baker County residents can be treated to performances of "The Wizard of Oz."

Jennifer Hanna and Kira Galindo, each in their first year with the Missoula Children's Theatre, flew into town on Sunday driving their red Ford F-150 like a pair of ruby slippers.

On Monday they held auditions, and the first rehearsal.

In addition to preparing the entire musical show at tornado pace, Hanna and Galindo offer at least three workshops emphasizing aspects of acting and theatre.

The performances will take place at Baker High School, 2500 E St., 6 p.m. Friday and 3 p.m. Satuday.

Tickets are $5.

And whereas most towns have five days of rehearsals, Baker only had four.

Nevertheless, Hanna said, "These actors really pulled through. They really got it. This is their show."

Even though their short visit barely gave Hanna and Galindo a chance to see Baker City, they will never forget the actors in the show.

"It's all about the people you touch," Galindo said.

Hanna and Galindo alternate who will act and who will direct with each tour stop.

Here in Baker, their last stop of the summer, Hanna is portraying the Scarecrow and Auntie Em.

Below is the local cast:

andbull;Dorothy: Autumn Weideman

andbull;Tin Man: Hope Collard

andbull;Lion: Hunter Stone

andbull;Toto: Addie Flanagan

andbull;The Professor/Wizard: Jordan Flanagan

andbull;The Green Guard: Ben Spaugh

andbull;Wicked Witch: Isabella Nava

andbull;Glinda: Sarah Spaugh

andbull;Mayor Munchkin: Luke Stearns

andbull;Farmer Munchkin: Isaac Nemec

andbull;Magicians and Munchkins: Emily Black, Evee Collard, Isabella Evans, Issac Furtney, Autumn Grimes, Isabella Nemec, Ethan Remien, Josie

Stearns, Delaney Stone, Calli Ward

andbull;Winkies: Lexie Flanagan, Isaiah Hibbard, Hollie Mays, Jacob Miller, Lincoln Nemec, Paige Parsons, Jordan Remien, Maya Smith, Grace Sorenson, Gia Tognoli, Donovan Weideman

andbull;Fierce and Ferocious Flowers: Nathan Hibbard, Jaelyn Maddox,

Olympias Salazer, Jordan Smith, Skye Smith, Porter Sorenson, Katie Spaugh, Neah Thomas, Meadoh Waldrop, Brenna Weideman