Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

By Jayson Jacoby


The great spigot in the sky is stuck.

And it doesn't look as though a plumber will be arriving any time soon to free the thing.

Today is the 62nd day since measurable rain fell at the Baker City Airport.

It won't be the last day, either.

References to rain are conspicuously absent from the National Weather Service's forecast for Baker City through Sept. 20.

Which is as far ahead as the agency is willing to go with detailed predictions.

By that day the current rainless run will be the third-longest here since at least World War II.

The longest such streak - 79 days - happened in 1987 (Aug. 14 to Oct. 31).

The runner-up, for now, belongs to 1999, when no rain fell for 72 days, Aug. 15 through Oct. 25.

The third-longest was just last year - 64 days ending Oct. 4, 2011.

This year the last measurable rainfall at the airport was on July 14, when a thunderstorm dropped .22 of an inch.

Since then only a trace of rain has been recorded - the National Weather Service considers any amount less than .01 of an inch (basically enough to wet the pavement) as not officially measurable.

If rain holds off through the end of September, the current dry stretch would be just two days short of the all-time record.