Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

By Terri Harber


The 2012 Baker City annual report is complete.

City Manager Mike Kee included an array of things that occurred in city government to focus on in the report. A significant number of these were designed to save money on operations.

The city employed 58 full-time workers as of in December 2012. That's three fewer workers than in December 2011.

The city received more than $1 million in grants during 2012.

Kee pointed out that several service contracts were renegotiated in 2012.

One example is the agreement between the city and Seven Iron, LLC., to maintain and manage the city-owned Quail Ridge Golf Course.

Other actions expected to result in cost savings or increased efficiency include the consolidation of the city's planning activities with the county's planning department; reorganization of the city's building department; and, having an existing employee manage the city's information technology services, Kee said in the document.

Kee also noted that the city and U.S. Forest Service finally reached agreement regarding the city's access in and around its water delivery system in the Elkhorns.

Doing the work is crucial in helping the city avoid building an expensive water treatment plant and is expected to take at least a decade to complete.

It will require repairing and rebuilding sections of pipeline that deliver water to the city from the mountains.

Some other actions that should benefit residents include attracting more volunteer firefighters; improving the notification procedures that inform those residing near sites where land-use actions and changes are being planned; and, amending the floodplain ordinance so residents in areas that are especially flood-prone could save money on insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Here are some of the other highlights from the 30-page report:

andbull; The fire department responded to 1,287 requests for an ambulance compared with 1,240 in 2011.

andbull; The building department conducted 1,952 inspections, compared with 2,055 in 2011;

andbull; The planning department issued 180 planning permits, compared with 198 last year;

To obtain a copy of this report, call the city manager's office at 541-524-2040 or visit bakercity.com

/government/reports-a-statistics and look down the list until you see the heading "Administration." Under the heading will be the title "Annual Report 2012"- click on it.