Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

By Lisa Britton

For the Baker City Herald

It's a little eerie, to be driving west on Auburn Avenue and suddenly see Pinocchio.

But at 30 feet tall and 4 tons, he's hard to miss.

Especially with that nose.

Pinocchio has been nine months in the making at Blue Mountain Fine Art, a bronze foundry in Baker City.

He is made of more than 300 pieces of bronze.

On Monday, the top half was joined to the bottom half at the waist.

He will be standing outside for the rest of the week at the foundry, which is located between Auburn Avenue and Broadway Street just west of the railroad tracks.

His final destination (by boat) is South Korea.

But he won't go in one piece.

"We'll cut the arms off and the back leg," said Tyler Fouts, who owns the foundry.

Fouts will weld the parts back on at the job site in Korea.

Pinocchio is a project by artist Jim Dine. The giant figure was carved from dense foam, from which molds were made to create the bronze pieces.

The color - black hair, white shirt and reddish pants - are created with either acrylic paint or chemical reactions.