Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Rick Stout and Karen Spencer have joined the list of people seeking election to the Baker School Board in the May 21 election.

A total of six candidates will be on the ballot.

Stout and Spencer, along with Richard McKim and Rosemary Abell, are competing for a four-year term as the Position 4 representative.

The seat is currently held by Lynne Burroughs, board chair, who is not running for re-election.

Jim Longwell, whose term expires June 30, had filed for re-election to a four-year term as the Position 3 representative on the board, but he withdrew his candidacy on March 15.

(A story in Friday's Baker City Herald did not include the update that Longwell had withdrawn his candidacy.)

Mike Ogan and Kevin Cassidy are vying to replace Longwell.

Thursday was the last day for candidates to file for the election. The ballots will be mailed out on May 3 and must be returned to the Clerk's Office by 8 p.m. May 21.

Military ballots will be mailed April 5 and out-of-state ballots will go out on April 22.

The last day to register (new registration) to vote in the May election, is April 30, according to the Clerk's Office.

Other candidates who have filed for office in the special district elections are:

Burnt River School Board: Mark Bennett, Position 2, four-year term; Karen Oakes Ramer, Position 1.

Huntington School Board: Eric C. Bronson, Position 2, four-year term; Harmonie Hicks, Position 4, four-year term; Wayne Brust, Position 1.

Pine-Eagle School District: Dwight Allan Saunders, Position 3; Bob Seal, Position 4.

Baker Rural Fire Protection District: Cass C. Vanderwiele has filed for a four-year at-large position; John A. Rohner has filed for a director position, and Alan Mellott for a two-year director position.

Eagle Valley Rural Fire District: Dick Pedersen has filed for Position 4, and Sheril Corning for Position 5.

Greater Bowen Valley Rural District: David Downing, Position 3, a four-year term; Calvin Foster has filed for Position 1, a four-year term.

Haines Fire Protection District: Mary Neske, Position 1, four-year term; John B. Clark and Teri Brown Johnson, Position 4, a four-year term.

Keating Rural Fire District: Robin Lohner, Position 1, a four-year term; Mari Bottoms has filed for Position 3, a four-year term.

Medical Spring Rural Fire: M. Elaine Hagberg, Position 3, four-year term; Valerie Tachenko, Position 4, an unexpired two-year term; Lori Lee Southard, Position 5, a four-year term; no candidates have filed for Position 1, a four-year term.

Pine Valley Rural Fire District: Jason J. Harriman and Mike Walter have filed for two four-year terms for at-large positions.

Powder River Rural Fire District: Michelle DeFord has filed for Position 2, Patty Blum for Position 4 (two-year), and Jim Howard for Position 5.

New Bridge Water Supply District: Delbert Stone and Sherrie Kvamme have filed to fill two four-year terms.

Powder Valley Water Control: Curtis W. Martin, Jason Williams, Dennis Axness, Chris M. Colton and Lyle Umpleby have filed to fill five four-year terms.

Baker County Library District: Della Steele, Position 1, four-year term; Betty Palmer, Position 2, four-year term; Kyra Rohner-Ingram, Position 3, four-year term.

Hereford Community Hall Recreation District: Bev Duby has filed for one four-year term.

Unity Community Hall and Recreation District: RoJean Atkins and Bonnie Clugston have filed for two of the three four-year terms.

Pine Eagle Health District: Frances Gulick Vaughan, Position 1, four-year term; Carolyn Coble, Position 2, four-year term.

Durkee Community Building Preservation District: William Zikmund, Elwood Wirth and Rodd Bunch have filed for three four-year terms as at-large directors.

Haines Cemetery District: Robert T. Gilkison and Lawrence R. Curry have filed for two four-year terms.

Eagle Valley Cemetery District: Wanda Holcomb has filed for one of two four-year terms.