Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Fifth-graders from South Baker Elementary and fifth- and sixth-graders from Haines Elementary - 130 students in all - each planted a shrub or tree along the Leo Adler Memorial Parkway on May 29.

The plants are on the Powder River's west bank along the section of the paved path just south of Hughes Lane.

Species include Pacific ninebark, red osier dogwood, golden currant, wax currant, mock orange and wood rose.

The shrubs, which were supplied by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, are protected from hungry animals by wire cages. Students also helped to install a container at the base of each shrub that is designed to feed moisture to the roots for about 90 days.

In addition to planting shrubs, the students learned to calculate water velocity in the river, test for turbidity (how much dirt is in the water), and identify aquatic insects.

The field day was sponsored by the Powder Basin Watershed Council. Employees from the BLM, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, OSU Extension Service assisted, along with consultant Nancy Rorick and engineers from Resources Specialists Inc.