Baker City received a gift of clean water and is offering it to residents.

The water truck is parked near the corner of Campbell and Grove streets, near the Val's Veggies produce stand.Bring your own container and follow the directions affixed to sandwich boards for do-it-yourself dispensing. This water is free.

The city water supply is the suspected cause of a local outbreak of cryptosporidiosis. There have been eight confirmed cases of the waterborne illness that causes persistent watery diarrhea and stomach cramps as well as dozens of unconfirmed reports of people being stricken with similar symptoms.

Since Wednesday residents have been asked to boil tapwater for drinking, cooking, brushing their teeth and washing dishes, or to use bottled water, while officials wait for the results of water sampling tests.

The truck is parked across from Baker Heritage Museum and will be there overnight.

The roughly 2,000 gallons of free water is a gift from the city of La Grande, said Michelle Owen, public works director for Baker City.