The water boil order has been lifted, according to the Baker City Public Works Department.

There were no cryptosporidium oocysts detected in the most recent water samples taken late last week from points along Baker City's muncipal system, City Manager Mike Kee said this morning.

The four sites where the Oregon Health Authority wanted additional testing: Salmon Creek, Marble Springs, Birch Street and Little Marble Creek.

All four locations were also tested on August 11 and deemed clear of crypto. A water advisory was issued July 31 and a boil order issued just days later -- when tests confirmed the presence of crypto in the water supply.

These sites came up crypto-free between August 1 and August 4 but the length of time between samplings at these locations made state officials seek out additional samples, according to previous reports.

Health officials still recommend individuals with compromised immune systems, such as thosereceiving cancer treatment or people with HIV, as well as infants, seek the advice of their healthcare professional before drinking the tap water.

City water customers are encouraged to do the following:

andbull; Run each faucet in the home or business for three minutes to clear the plumbing of any oldwater.

andbull; Run hot water to drain contents from water heater and allow it to refill.

andbull; Water filters approved for cryptosporidium removal should be operated and replaced permanufacturer's recommendations. Replace all filters not designed to removecryptosporidium.

andbull; Run ice makers for three batches -- dump ice, wash, rinse and sanitize ice bins.

An ongoing water monitoring plan is in place for Baker City's drinking water. The city announced previously that municipal water would be tested twice a week for the near future.

Additional information is available on the following websites: