Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

The Baker City Council has approved a three-year contract with Bill Tiedemann to manage the city-owned Quail Ridge Golf Course.

The Council approved the deal by a 4-0 vote during a special meeting starting at noon Friday.

Mayor Richard Langrell and Councilors Dennis Dorrah, Clair Button and Barbara Johnson attended, giving the Council the minimum number for a quorum, which is required for the Council to vote on motions.

Councilors Mike Downing, Roger Coles and Kim Mosier were absent.

"We are headed in the right direction," Langrell said Friday. "There is great support from the community, and I think you have an opportunity to make some money there," he said, referring to Tiedemann, the only person to submit a proposal for managing the course after the former manager, Seven Iron Inc., decided not to continue.

Tiedemann thanked the Council for its support.

"I am anxious to get started," he said.

The contract requires Tiedemann to pay expenses including labor and equipment costs to manage the course, pro shop, bar and other operations.

The city, however, will have to spend an estimated $280,000 to $290,000 to buy equipment, most of which it will then lease to Tiedemann under a separate agreement.

If Tiedemann's revenues meet or exceed his expenses, he will receive a salary, taken from overall course revenues, not the city's budget, of up to $75,000.

If revenues fail to meet expenses, $10,000 of the revenues earmarked for Tiedemann's salary would go to offset the shortfall.

If the shortfall is larger than $10,000, the city would make up the difference, up to a maximum of $20,000.

Check Monday's issue of the Baker City Herald for a complete story on the golf course contract.