Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

A Sumpter couple has been indicted on charges of first-degree theft and unauthorized use of livestock.

Richard Phillip Newman, 75, and Lynette Bullington, 63, of 39554 Sumpter Cemetery Road, were arraigned Thursday in Baker County Circuit Court on the indictments issued by a Baker County grand jury.

According to a press release from Baker County District Attorney Matt Shirtcliff, the pair came into possession of a black Angus calf, owned by Cal and Vicki Foster of Bowen Valley, in the fall of 2010.

Newman and Bullington knew the calf did not belong to them, but they kept the animal and had the animal artificially inseminated, producing another calf, according to Shirtcliff.

The couple is charged with two counts of first-degree theft, a Class C felony, and one count of unauthorized use of a livestock animal, a Class A misdemeanor.