Kari Borgen

By Pat Caldwell


Currently there are no dog parks in Baker City but former city councilor Gail Duman wants to change that.

She made one giant leap forward recently toward her goal by entering Baker City in a contest sponsored by PetSafe.net.

The first place winner will secure $100,000 to help construct a dog park. Voting on the web site kicked off May 7 and runs through June 7. Then PetSafe will pick 15 finalists for another round of voting to garner the top prize. Interested individuals can vote for their city on the PetSafe.net web site twice a day.

Duman has also obtained verbal support for her dog park idea from the Baker City Council and the city's Parks and Recreation Board. So far, though, the only possible funding avenue for such a venture remains the PetSafe.net contest.

City Manager Mike Kee said a dog park idea isn't a new concept and could be a fairly cost-effective endeavor. And, he said, the city even has a place where the park would fit right in.

Duman said anyone interested in the dog park idea or want to help with the effort to contact her by email at: GDuman@live.com