You dont need 76 trombones to have a big parade.

A middle school band will do.

Circus wagons are something, but towering, illuminated snowmen are something else entirely.

And Santa on a fire truck now theres a team wed never thought of before. But it makes perfect sense ...

Hey, in Baker City, we love a parade.

Whats different about the Twilight Parade, however, are the conditions.

No sunshine. Low temperatures.

Just cold darkness, brightened and warmed for a moment by the smiles of marchers and watchers alike.

Those smiles snapped to attention all the same this week, even though the parade had been postponed for a week.

The threat of extreme windy weather forced the cancellation of the parade Dec. 1.

When parade time rolled around Dec. 1, however, you couldnt have asked for better conditions. Some folks didnt get the word the parade was off, and had some words for parade organizers.

In a turn on the old saying, in Eastern Oregon, if the weather isnt threatening, wait an hour.

By 6 p.m. Dec. 1, we would have hated to see Frosty frolicking in the 40 mph winds.

Dec. 8 turned out differently.

You could thank the organizers, or the folks who spent one more week fine-tuning their floats.

Or you could thank the private citizens and city employees who made sure the community Christmas tree didnt take a second tumble under duress from the rough winter winds.

We would just as soon give credit to the folks who, thwarted in their parade-going one week, showed up the next with the same enthusiasm for song and spectacle.

Sometimes thats enough to brighten the darkest night.