Baker County needs to clone yo-yo champion Tommy Moore, but not for his ability to walk the dog and go around the world.

Moore does a fine job sharing those tricks with adults and children alike by himself.

But Moore's latest feat should be replicated: over 50 of his University of Oregon fraternity brothers and their spouses spent more than a week in Northeastern Oregon, touring our communities while celebrating a 40th reunion.

Their itinerary included bus tours of Sumpter, Granite, Haines, Joseph and Baker City; a jet boat ride in Hells Canyon; the local museums and attractions in short, some of the best of what our communities have to offer visitors.

This is where Baker County Unlimited or an enterprising tour company should take note. Short of the yo-yo demonstration Moore made at South Baker Elementary and a private affair at a Baker Valley home, the reunion's itinerary is one available to any group of visitors, any time during the summer.

Packaging popular Baker County activities together for one price per individual, or group could entice other reunion or professional groups looking for a unique retreat.

It would also make it easier to capitalize on the Port of Portland's new relationship with German air carrier Lufthansa.

Five hours is a long trip from the Portland airport for Germans interested in the Old West and the Oregon Trail. Magazine ads and brochures won't tap this market.

But a well-assembled tour package could make believers of tour retailers in the U.S. and abroad.