Rove on hot seat

To the editor:

We've all heard, andquot;There will be a hot time in the old town tonightandquot; and andquot;Let's paint the town.andquot; That's what is happening in Washington, D.C. It's hot and it's Rove Red.

Rove is on the hot seat, shooting his mouth off to news reporter Robert Novak, revealing a CIA undercover woman's identity, discrediting her husband's attack, that Bush lied about Hussein purchasing nuclear uranium. Every American should consider Rove's action as treason. Rove's trouser seat might get hot enough to burn a hole through, showing polka dot shorts.

Meanwhile, Judith Miller sits in prison, not disclosing anonymous source of Novak's article. How come Novak doesn't get jail time? Right wing background? You can bet we will get usual Bush denial, lies and cover-up.

Mastermind behind Bush in jet flight suit. Bush holding artificial turkey tray, Bush depicted as devout religious person are gimmicks Rove promoted.

We Democrats cannot approve Bush tearing country apart for his egregious agenda. But we can whisper, snicker, and giggle when Bushie screwball tactics boomerang. Comedians and cartoonists are having a field day. Local newspaper and Portland's version are a bargain. Cartoons are easily worth four bits. News and ads are a plus, icing on the cake.

Returning to Baker City 11 years ago, I then bought the Sunday paper for the food coupons. Now I buy it for Jack Ohman, Jay Leno and David Letterman laughs. Health experts say, andquot;Get a few laughs each day.andquot; It helps pump the heart a little stronger.

How stupid! Rove delivers foot-in-mouth Manhattan speech that courageous Republican leadership avenged 9-11 incident invading Iraq. What he failed mentioning, for the most part, Republicans are not main combat force fighting war. They're college playboys living the good life. Majority of combat troops are poor or middle-class Democrats getting killed. Bushies are reluctant to draft. Some rich may wind up in combat.

Rove, Cheney, DeLay, Gonzales and most Bushies were never in military. Though Bush was, he avoided Vietnam, never leaving the states. Swiftboaters cannot dispute that.

Bush supporters should cover his lack of military duty by enlisting today!

Ronald Chaney

Baker City

Ruining good time

To the editor:

I took my children (ages 3 and 1) to the Baker County Junior Show. We began by eating lunch from the 4-H booth while we watched some older children (early teens) play on the large plastic tubes in the central grassy area.

I continued watching as the kids jumped on the tubes, broke them, smashed them, then began shoving one another off of them. Finally, when a little girl about 8 or 9 got hurt, I spoke to a yellow-shirted fair board member. He spoke to the teens, to no avail, and went on about his business.

Shortly thereafter, two women who work in the fair office spoke to the children and went on their way. The rough-housing immediately resumed.

My family and I then toured the animal exhibits and enjoyed the atmosphere in all the barns. The 4-H and FFA kids who were there were eager to show us their animals, allowing my children to pet them and explain anything they could.

We returned to the grassy area and another young boy was injured. I told another fair board member that now two children had been injured. He went and spoke to the group and walked away. The rough play continued.

When a third young child was injured, I couldn't stand it anymore. Officials said they would remove the tubes, effective immediately.

What took so long? Where were the parents and 4-H leaders of these older children? The fair is not a babysitting operation. Why did it take me four efforts and shouting rudely to get noticed?

I believe that 4-H and FFA teach, among other things, leadership and manners. I saw evidence of that during the rest of our tour at the fair.

Overall, I am impressed by the fair, as I have been since I was in 4-H. I value and appreciate the 4-H and FFA leaders, parents and participants. I'm sorry to say, however, I'm appalled by the way that the fair board ignored a voice trying to protect our children. If you are looking for a way to improve an otherwise dynamite fair, start with safety.

Katrina Wise

Baker City

That's a lot of years

To the editor:

I have seen articles on the Miners Jubilee parade, some pictures and not a mention of the Baker High School class of 1945. We were in the parade in three new pickup trucks with the lead car an SUV with signs and big t-shirts stating andquot;60th reunion.andquot; That's a lot of years ago! I'm disappointed!

Ruth Riggs Dibbles


Charter changes

To the editor:

I'm writing in response to the City Council meeting where Councilor Lori McNeil stated her thoughts on the charter changes. I agree that the council salaries should be raised from $150 to $1,500, that the council term limits should stay at eight years 12 years is too long. As Councilor McNeil stated, fresh ideas are needed. I also agree that the terms for the councilors should be four years. Councilor McNeil also stated that the voters should have a say in who is going to be mayor. Mayor Charles Hofmann disagreed with that statement. He says that if the voters have a say so, we might have somebody for mayor that we don't want. I disagree with his statement. We the voters should have a say-so about who is mayor. I do hope the City Council doesn't run a special ballot because if they do it would cost $6,500 and that is not good use of money. Just wait until the 2006 elections to put it on the ballot. It's too bad they have to wait that long because I do feel changes need to be made but I also don't think spending the money is wise.

Joan Hills

Baker City

Grass hasn't grown in at grave

To the editor:

I am very disappointed with the care that is taken of the new plots at the cemetery. My grandson passed away and was buried in October 2004. My husband and I returned to Baker City in June and there is no grass. We talked to Dan Sword about this, and he said he had planted some grass prior and again about two weeks prior to us being there, still no sign of grass. My husband replanted that day and we went up several times after to water.

I returned in July and still no grass. It is very hard for my family to put a closure to this part of the grieving process when we see the grave looking as if it was just opened every time we go there.

I hope you will look into this and find a solution.

Annette Craner


Fast on fire

To the editor:

We would like to thank the Haines Volunteer Fire Department on their quick response to the fire on our property on Big Muddy Creek that was caused by a lightning strike. What could have been a major fire was quickly put out. We would also like to thank the person who reported the fire, as we did not know about the lightning strike or fire until the fire truck arrived.

Again, our deepest thanks.

Scott and Nancy Morris


Tiki torch taken

To the editor:

I would like to ask the person who took my tiki torch to return it. I put this flower garden in my front yard so that others can enjoy it, not to give things away. You are taking away from others as well as myself. Money does not grow on trees, and people who live in trailer parks aren't rich. It has taken me all year just to afford what little I have out in front. Do you want something nice to look at or should I trash my garden and make it the eyesore it used to be?

The real sorrow here is the person probably lives in beautiful $100,000 home and has a big bank account of their own.

When the tiki torches are on sale, they only cost approximately $3.99. Can't you afford that?

Tammy Marie

Baker City