Effort gave me life

To the editor:

Twenty years ago, the doctors and staff at St. Elizabeth hospital saved my life. I am writing this letter to thank them for their heroic efforts during one of the worst times of my life. Some staff members are gone, but I honor them.

It was Grandparents' Day in 1985. I was admitted to deliver my second child. My baby girl was stillborn and I suffered a massive blood loss. Dr. Petterson did everything humanly possible to stop the bleeding. He could not. Nearing midnight, he called Dr. Levinger in for my life-saving surgery. Police delivered blood units from neighboring communities. My doctors and hospital staff worked until dawn saving my life. The Intensive Care Unit kept me alive. Caring staff members stayed after hours to diagnose, then stabilize a heart problem. This hospital became my safe haven.

My recovery was long and bittersweet. Many of these medical professionals visited me and encouraged me about my future. Many shared that they had lost a child. Many spoke of my future and possible adoption to complete my family. They never stopped supporting me. Dr. Levinger and Dr. Hofmann helped me deal with life after this event. Trust me, that was not an easy job!

I lived through the efforts of this hospital staff in 1985.

I lived because of the 20 nameless blood donors.

I lived to complete a 32 year teaching career.

I lived to buy my dream retirement home with my spouse.

I lived to raise two beautiful daughters.

I lived. Thank you.

Diana Lea Smith


Why the delay?

To the editor:

Texans remember the Alamo, United States will remember Bush! What was Katrina hold-up? When Bush invaded Iraq, it was immediate. It takes president and Republican-controlled Congress five days figuring next rich tax cut? Billions finally are loosening up, meeting initial expenses.

Bush now on TV exclaiming he will investigate negligence and delay. That's only so much mush-mouth. His investigations are similar to that deep religion. Very little sincerity. A lot of gobbledygook, more lies, more cover-up.

He doesn't realize how lucky his stars are. Had Katrina struck a year earlier, obviously he politically could not have carried the South. I doubt he could have carried Utah and Idaho. Kerry would be president.

Katrina was not one bit funny, but there was a joke. Strutting new Orleans streets, shirt sleeves rolled up, I expected Bush wading into waist-high stench water unplugging sewer drains. Not be be, another photo-op.

Five days Bush's own people begging for help, while their sons or relatives are fighting Iraq war he lied pushing America into. Why were poor, old, black last helped? For every Katrina white helped, a black should have followed. So far his presidency pampers super-rich. Common folks yet to be recognized. Still waiting in line.

Four times viewing CNN presents andquot;Dead Wrong,andquot; verifies reports Hussein had WMD was the biggest lie perpetrated on American people, State of Union speech, dragging us into unjust war. We tire Bush repeating, andquot;We're staying the course.andquot; When it was his time staying Vietnam course, he was whooping it up in Texas, Mr. Playboy.

Two Supreme Court justice appointments enhance Bush's efforts abolishing abortion.

It is nobody's business who gets abortion and who doesn't. Republican women, religious women have same universal human instinct and desire as others. They get pregnant too. Difference being, financially they're secretly able aborting going to Mexico, South America or Europe. Why force young women into motherhood? Especially with Bush intentions eliminating helping needy, less fortunate.

Democrat senators make a stand. Filibuster like never before! We want Supreme Court serving all America, not just Republican Party.

Ronald Chaney

Baker City

Make it happen

To the editor:

Simply a brief note to applaud your editorial regarding offering the former New Tribes facility to victims of Katrina. I believe it is a grand idea. I hope all agencies can work together to make it happen.

Susan Castles

Baker City

You can opt out of military recruiting

To the editor:

The No Child Left Behind Act has a provision that requires public high schools to hand over private student information to military recruiters, Section 9528 (Armed Forces Recruiter Access to Student Directory).

Under the Solomon and Hutchinson Amendments, post-secondary institutions can be denied access to certain federal funds for preventing military recruitment on campus.

Parents have the right to andquot;opt-outandquot; by requesting that their child's name, address and telephone listing not be released to the military services.

The United States Army School Recruiting Handbook, chapter 11-3, states:

1. At the beginning of each school year, schools must provide parents with the opportunity to andquot;opt-outandquot; of having student directory information released to the military.

2. The military can be singled out, so parents can allow information to be released to post-secondary institutions and not to the military.

There are opt-out forms available online at and also at

As parents we would request this information be made available by the school district as part of student registration to make it easy for parents who want to protect their children's privacy. This applies to high school students and must be filled out each new school year.

You can also sign on as a citizen co-sponsor of the Student Privacy Protection Act (H.R. 551), the Student Privacy Protection Act of 2005, which amends section 9528 of No Child Left Behind. HR 551 prohibits military recruiters from contacting students unless these minors and their parents specifically andquot;opt inandquot; and consent to receive such communications. Information can be found on the above Web sites.

For information on this campaign to protect family privacy, contact Andrew Boyd at 415/369-2123.

Tammy Meyer

Baker City

Governor's courage

To the editor:

On Monday, Aug. 29, 2005, Gov. Kulongoski committed to bringing more efficient and cleaner fuel-burning cars to Oregon by the end of this year. His was a courageous move, especially in light of the resistance he had from the automobile industry, which has pledged to fight his commitment, intending to andquot;use every arrow in our quiverandquot; to defeat any attempt to force the automobile industry to adhere to these long-overdue measures to protect our environment.

The commitment that Gov. Kulongski made is also very timely, and not just because of the recent abrupt increases in fuel prices. Cleaner cars will also help alleviate some of the problems of global warming that are a direct result of burning fossil fuels. When Oregon adopts stricter standards for fuel efficiency, it will join Washington and California, which have already adopted these stricter standards, leading the nation toward much more environmentally-friendly modes of transportation. With the total lack of leadership from the federal government in this arena, as evidenced by passage of the Bush Administration's disastrous energy bill, it will be up to the individual states to take the lead in bringing about these long-overdue improvements. The auto industry's contention that cleaner cars are too expensive is simply not true; they will burn far less fuel and in the long run will be much less expensive than the gas-guzzlers the auto industry is so intent on promoting and building today.

Please let the governor know that you appreciate his taking such a strong position and will support him in his fight against the automobile industry, one that will undoubtedly get very heated in the coming months.

Mike Higgins