Trim those trees

To the editor:

For those of us who drive all over Baker City every day, the names of the streets and which of those streets have stop signs and which don't are well known to us. This is a very good thing because there are too many streets that have the signs hidden by tree limbs and leaves.

This really isn't a big deal if it is only the name of the street. You get lost, but it's really no big problem. Maybe the next block will have a sign you can see. How lost can you really get in Baker City anyway? This little inconvenience and annoyance suddenly gets to be a huge and dangerous problem when it is a Stop sign that you didn't see! Does somebody have to get hurt or killed before anything is done about this?

I have called the City Department of Public Works and was told that it is the responsibility of the homeowner to trim the trees. OK, can't the City fine the owners or just do the trimming and send them a bill?

Winter is coming and the leaves will be gone and we will be able to see the signs again. But it won't bring back your child or grandmother that got run over because somebody couldn't see the sign.

If you have a sign that is blocked by trees or bushes, trim them back. Maybe someone will have a happy life because of your efforts. It sure beats attending a funeral.

Jodi Thomas

Baker City

License your dog

To the editor:

Love your dog? Then please make it easy for your community to help reunite you and your dog should your dog get loose or lost by following these two simple steps.

1. License your dog at Baker City Hall even if you live outside Baker City, and put the license on your dog's collar. You will need to bring a copy of the rabies certificate from your veterinarian to City Hall in order to get the license. A license varies from $2.50 to $6.50 depending on the dog and time of year.

2. Put your work and home phone numbers on their collar and regularly check to make sure they are visible.

Step two is especially important if your dog is less than six months old. Currently puppies cannot get licenses until they get a rabies shot, and they can't get a rabies shot until they are six months old.

Suzanne Fouty

Baker City

Swift investigation

To the editor:

I wish to thank the Baker City Police Department for the quick response and handling of the break-in at my residence on Oct. 12 (andquot;Teen suspect in theft of gun,andquot; Oct. 18). A special thanks to Officer Yeaton for the investigation, capture of the person involved and return of my goods.

Ken Donicht

Baker City


is in order

To the editor:

Two years ago an April windstorm blew a panel off the Welcome to Baker City sign three miles southeast of the city facing westbound traffic along I-84. It went through an entire tourist season without being repaired until I called the Visitors Center to remind them of it. I saved them the embarrassment of a letter to the editor.

This year a spring windstorm again blew a panel off that sign. It has gone through an entire tourist season without being repaired. This time I think more than a little embarrassment is called for.

If those who are responsible for such things are not conscientious enough to take care of such minor repairs, it is no wonder there is so much controversy about tourist and economic promotion in Baker City.

Wes Prouty


Additions to dry cleaning history

To the editor:

I had much positive response to my Oct. 26 article regarding dry cleaning establishments.

However, two people reminded me that I had omitted names of John and Eva Price who purchased Burke Dry Cleaners and operated the business in the late 1940s, and early 1950s.

I was also told that Sue Hart, former manager of Geiser Hotel, established dry cleaning in the two-story building on Eighth and Church streets. Environmental regulations caused that venture to cease.

I welcome corrections to my articles. I write from memory, not research ... so hopefully readers will forgive me when I experience a few andquot;Senior Moments.andquot;

Phyllis Badgley

Baker City

On Page 6?

To the editor:

On Oct. 25 I found a brief but historically significant news article in the Baker City Herald by AP writer Thomas Wagner reporting andquot;Iraq's landmark constitution was adopted fairly by a majority of votersandquot; The article was found on Page 6 between the crossword puzzle and a story on Wilma's costly visit to Florida.

On the front page of the newspaper were articles about a drunk driver, a shotgun assault on an outhouse, the proposed conference center, a county court visit by fourth-grade kids being shackled at the ankles with leg irons, and a notice of a school board meeting.

Did I mention that the news report of a country of citizens who have somehow survived an eternity of oppression had been enabled to design and embrace a constitution through which they envision a free and democratic society unlike any other in that part of the world was found on Page 6? Well, the article was on Page 6 and it consisted of six short paragraphs found between the crossword puzzle and a story on Wilma's costly visit to Florida. The story of the drunk driver took nearly the same print space on the front page as the success in Iraq's quest for freedom did on Page 6.

Well now come on folks, this historic event in Iraq, facilitated by sound decision making and resolve by Iraqi and American patriots, deserves a lot more acclaim and dignity than Page 6 news. This event is as significant to those Iraqi citizens as the independence won by our departed heroic patriots is sacred to us, the citizens of the USA. God bless us one and all and may God continue to bless America.

Bill Hanley

Baker City

Christians today

To the editor:

I wrote a devotions column a few years ago called andquot;What's wrong with Christianity today.andquot; I still have this running through my mind when I see as Christians what we have let this God-founded country become infested with demonic anti-Christ spirits that their only aim is to see this country and its foundation destroyed! I also remember what was said by a minister from Africa in our church in California. The first words out of his mouth were, andquot;What are you doing with your Christian life?andquot; This is a very strong question. It's asking, do you or I really believe that the word of the Bible is true, absolutely true, and do you also act on it? The column I wrote made some pastors unhappy with me at the time, and it should have if the shoe fit. It wasn't written to upset anyone but to remind some that God changes not, and Jesus is still the same yesterday, today, and forever.

The gifts of divine healing, deliverance from demon power, and, oh yes, speaking in tongues is as much for today as it was in the early church. These are power gifts. An unlearned language, also a prayer language. It's talked about in Mark 16; 1 Corinthians 12, 14. These were given to the church, not taken away as some teach. Sorry!

But there's not even one scripture in the whole Bible that does away with any of the gifts given to the church (the body of Christ). These were given to help people and defeat the enemy. The difference is today, we fight among ourselves instead of the word being the only judge that can bring us together to defeat the enemy instead of being defeated. It's time to raise up against the Anti-Christ spirit in this country and stop listening to those who say, andquot;It's going to happen anyway, so why bother.andquot; This is the worst cop-out and plays right into Satan's hands. Satan is the one who wants you, me, to believe we can't change the world!

Richard Fox

Baker City