Where's the coverage?

To the editor:

Why is it that as a society and a community we are so eager to focus on negativity rather than on the good and positive about our surroundings?

Last weekend Baker City hosted one of the most successful and positive events to come to this area in the many years we have been here. The Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally was a positive and upbeat event that was long overdue. The weather cooperated, the businesses opened their doors and arms, and there were smiles everywhere.

Why then is it that there was so little coverage by our local media? No interviews or articles from the organizers or the business community, just a few snapshots and captions with no editorial or follow up of a positive nature.

We can dwell for weeks on end about the problems with the cemetery, City Council battles and the woes of Baker County Unlimited, but when something good takes place it is almost swept under the rug.

This community has many great things that occur throughout the year including the Elkhorn Classic, Miners Jubilee, Victorian Christmas and the basketball tournaments. Hopefully the rally will be among those successful events for the future. Why is it that the media is so focused on the negative or events that are taking place outside our area, when so much good is right at our front door?

The weekend was a success. Sure there were a few things that could have been better, but for a first time organized effort we should be proud.

The continued support of these events is what makes our community special and why we choose to live here.

Keep smiling.

Dave and Linda Noble

Baker City

Sad to see movie showing in Baker

To the editor:

Once again the people of Baker City responded generously to the food banks of this city with their food donation through the Postal Service. On behalf of all the food banks and particularly St. Francis de Sales, thank you so much!

I am very disappointed to see our fine city showing an anti-Christ movie. It disappoints me to see andquot;The DaVinci Codeandquot; movie and book here in Baker. This book and movie are a pure unadulterated attack on Christianity, Christians as a whole and the Catholic Church in particular.

This book and movie lie, defame, falsify, deceive, fib and debauch my best friend's name and person, a person close to my heart, whom I love with all my heart and mind, andquot;Jesus at whose name every knee shall bend.andquot; These ugly print/media do not allow those who do not know Him a fair chance to get to know Him. How do you feel about having your best friend smeared in book and film? God help us!

Barbara Haytas

Baker City