Voisin is up

to the challenge

To the editor:

On Saturday, the Miners Jubilee Parade came to a halt while the Elks Drum and Bugle Corps played an inspiring rendition of andquot;America the Beautiful.andquot; (andquot;O beautiful for spacious skies...andquot;) Tears came to my eyes as I said to myself, andquot;Yes! This is the country I know and love!andquot;

But, in stark contrast, I no longer know the nation that the world sees as a wanton military marauder and that is self-destructing in monumental debt.

So, it was with notable pleasure that later that day I met Carol Voisin, the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Congress from our district, who is running against incumbent Greg Walden. Ms. Voisin is an energetic and powerful speaker with a firm grasp of the issues and strong convictions to back up her words. Her mission is to reverse the radical, ideological policies of Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bush that have led to unprovoked, aggressive war of choice and to government-hating andquot;starve the beastandquot; tax cuts for the wealthy. She is determined to put new life in the constitutional checks and balances that Congress is supposed to provide.

This is a big challenge, but one that Carol Voisin is up to, and one that deserves our enthusiastic support, no matter what our political party.

Our trust has been betrayed, and Rep. Walden has become a hapless pawn of the betrayers. He has rubber stamped the neo-conservatives' plans for world military domination starting with the unprovoked attack on Iraq, and has an over 90 percent voting record in favor of the lobbyist-dictated agenda of disgraced House majority leader, Tom andquot;The Hammerandquot; DeLay. He has even stepped out front with the deceptive, industry-sponsored andquot;Healthy Forestsandquot; mandate to cut down healthy, large trees to pay for fuels reduction in the wildland-urban interface.

I invite my fellow readers to learn about Carol Voisin's qualifications and values at, and then be sure to vote for positive change for America in November. (andquot;...and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.andquot;)

Marshall McComb

Baker City

Outraged about Bush's veto of stem cell research bill

To the editor:

I don't think Webster's dictionary contains any words that come close to expressing my outrage, as well as that of millions of Americans, over the veto that the Bush administration used and of the failure of Congress to override that veto re: the stem cell research bill. You folks seem to have forgotten that ours is still a representative government and that we, the people, will have the final word in the filthy game of politics in which you are all so mired. To sacrifice the lives, the health and the very futures of generations of humans throughout the world, just because of your fear of stepping on the toes of your ultra-conservative supporters, is unforgivable. Your grandchildren's grandchildren will remember your cowardice, your short-sightedness, your selfishness.

For those of us who have counted on you to represent us: we will have our day in court in November, and our voices will ring loud and true for democracy and compassion, so pack your bags and get ready to return to the masses whose trust you have betrayed!

Mike Higgins


City policy change is the real problem

To the editor:

As quoted in Wednesday's paper, Mr. Chris Ruddell cited two matters that have been at the center of controversy. In my opinion, Mr. Ruddell, trying to settle a difficult problem, omitted the real central controversy: the city approved Rudyard Coltman's remodeling in 1998. The city's ruling should have not arbitrarily changed because city administrators moved on nor because city planning realized that the liability buck stops at their desks.

What could be more of a wart on our town than a movie theater with a dusty marquee showing andquot;now closedandquot; as its main feature? No one can deny that the city planning office and fire professionals have the authority to make the determination about the safety of the theatre. But no one should deny that the city is responsible for making the original mistake of approving the remodeling. The financial onus of correcting that mistake is on the city, not on Mr. Coltman, theatre patrons, nor those working hard to promote business in our town.

Steve Brocato

Baker City

Support veto on stem cell research

To the editor:

This letter is in regard to recent letters to the editor condemning the veto of federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. It should be pointed out that such research has and continues to be conducted without the use of federal funding.

We must realize that the use of embryonic stem cells can only occur if death occurs to an unborn human. Research has been conducted and continues to show that use of adult and umbilical cord stem cells has shown great promise in achieving positive results in the search for healing, without the sacrifice of human life.

As a family with three wonderful adopted children, who are now adults, we, and they, are very thankful that their birth mothers chose to save their lives rather than to sacrifice them on the altar of research.

Mr. andamp; Mrs. John Busch

Baker City