There had been reason to be a little worried about the Baker City Farmers Market in recent years.

The market had plenty of volunteers, vendors and buyers but not always all three at the same time.

And the move off of Main Street last year to the field behind St. Francis Cathedral took the market off a main thoroughfare.

We were worried.

But what a difference a year makes.

The Farmers Market is now where many advocates have long wanted it to be: Geiser Pollman Park.

This location is across from the much-improved Oregon Trail Regional Museum and visible from busy Campbell Street.

Early reviews have been good: vendors are showing up with produce and selling out, and the shade from the park's trees is a welcome shift from the sometimes blazing hot Saturday morning summer asphalt.

We hope this location can continue. The Farmers Market connects local growers with local buyers, a welcome shift from globalization of the food supply.

Because for rural Baker County, localizing the economy makes far more sense than importing food from far away.