A pig for Sierra

To the editor:

I would like to let everyone in Baker County know how awesome our County Fair Sale Committee is, and how incredible the people of Baker County are.

When I arrived at the fair this year with my pig and it didn't make weight, I was very upset and wanted just to go home. Cory Parsons talked with me and my mom and we all worked together to find a way to donate my pig to help Sierra Bingham's family. Without Cory and the committee's willingness to make it possible we never would have had the opportunity to raise that kind of money for Sierra ($9,900).

I really believe now that one kid can make a difference because I saw first hand how what seemed like a bad situation for me turned into an awesome experience I will always have to go back to.

My hat is off to the wonderful people of Baker County who bid on my hog and to the people at the fair that made this all possible.

We are lucky to live in a place where things that seem impossible really aren't. I am proud to call Baker County my home.

Mitchell Sandefur

Baker City

Repeal ordinance and let us live free

To the editor:

Regarding city ordinances, I'm no politician, nor do I care to be, but I know right from wrong.

1. Imposing tough regulations on grieving citizens during their weakest moments at the cemetery in Baker.

2. City park, you can't do this, you can't do that, no skates, no bicycles, no dogs, no freedom of speech, what is the park there for if kids and dogs can't run free within reasonable common sense?

3. No parking here, or there. Signs ,signs, everywhere signs. Tax dollars well spent, I suppose.

4. Now you're depriving a business owner/taxpayer from making a living just because of an empty lot that was never maintained anyway. The owners of that lot should be grateful that it is being used for good purposes that are beneficial to Baker City's community. Owners of that cafe, I commend you for trying to make Baker City more desirable to live in and giving that area a touch of class.

City council members, with due respect, let the kids, dogs and business owners make Baker City their home again and live free! Focus on real problems, such as meth labs, West Nile problems, industry, safe environment, natural disasters ... get the picture?

Manny Gutierrez

Baker City

Vote to replace

To the editor:

A recent letter to the editor suggested the Baker City Council turn its attention to real problems in our community, like meth labs.The thought comes full circle for me when in the national news we are being told the war in Afghanistan is accelerating because money from the sale of opium has been used to purchase firepower for our enemies. European countries have complained loudly for some time that the U.S. military controlling Afghanistan's borders allow drug traffic to continue unimpeded.

Much of the opium grown in Afghanistan ends up on the streets of European cities.It is difficult to understand why this particular decision was made and even more difficult to understand why they didn't foresee the use of drug money to purchase munitions.It seems we have failed our allies and our military with another stupid blunder.

Democrats in Congress have called on the president to replace Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.That sounds like a move in the right direction to me.I'm voting to replace incumbent Greg Walden, who supports the decisions of Secretary Rumsfeld.I support Carol Voisin for Congress in the hope we will see meaningful change, reasonable leadership, and an end to ill-considered decisions.Locally, my vote will reflect my dissatisfaction with poor leadership in our city council.

Linda Tipton

Baker City