Nuisance ordinance

To the editor:

Hello fellow residents of Baker County.

I would like to comment on the Baker County Public Nuisance Ordinance.

The way nuisance is defined by the ordinance from the commissioners will strip the residents of Baker County from their legal rights to store or keep personal property that is considered inconvenience, annoyance or discomfort to another and the legitimate enjoyment of a person's reasonable rights of person or property.

The problem I see is our rights to keep on your personal property things that will not be subject to someone else's inconvenience, annoyance or discomfort.

I think the definition for nuisance in the ordinance needs to be amended to remove the wording inconvenience, annoyance or discomfort, for it takes away our rights and liberty as Baker County residents.

I think matters of this nature will infringe on the home and land owner's rights and should be left to our honorable judges who are in the business of protecting personal rights and liberties and know the difference. I would not release my rights to the County Commissioners who would be the final judge, jury and enforcement of fines and levies against the residences and property owners of Baker County.

What if any legal background does this board of commissioners have to insure the people of Baker County's rights and liberties are not being compromised? And do they even care about your rights? Why did they not have the definition of nuisance changed to protect the peoples' rights and liberty from unreasonable prosecution and harassment?

Tim Townsend

Baker City

Saxton for Baker

To the editor:

For people whose livelihoods depend upon natural resources and agriculture the decision of who to elect for Oregon's next Governor is simple Ron Saxton.

For those of us who live in the Baker Valley and watched this summer as Red Mountain burned, we know firsthand how important it is to manage our forests and have access roads to aid in firefighting. Gov. Kulongoski outrightly supports roadless areas, which directly contributes to the detriment of our forests' health and the safety of our firefighters.

Ranchers and farmers requested aid with the extremely high minimum wage; in response Kulongoski adamantly opposed any breaks for agriculture. Instead he gave tax breaks to out-of-state filming companies. Imagine, economic incentives for out of state businesses, but not for Oregon-based businesses.

The choices that the Governor has made depict how low of a priority natural resources and agriculture is for him. Kulongoski continues to be very friendly to extreme environmental groups while not giving farming organizations the time of day.

Numerous times Oregon Farm Bureau attempted to schedule a time for the Governor to discuss the election and when a time was finally set Kulongoski was a no show.

We need someone in the governor's seat who will truly put Oregon's economy and environment first; we need Ron Saxton as Oregon's next governor.

Peggy S. Browne

North Powder

Thanks, voters

To the editor:

To the voters of Baker County:

Thank you for your consideration in Tuesday's election for Baker County Commissioner.

To my family, friends and others who encouraged, supported and advocated for my election, I couldn't have felt so positive or done so well without you.

I of course am disappointed by not being elected, but renewing old relationships and making new acquaintances is a wonderful benefit in seeking a public position. I again have discovered much about myself and the community in which we live that is good.

Thank you, again.

Steve Bogart

Baker City

Rev responds to anonymous letter

To the editor:

First Presbyterian Church received an anonymous letter complaining that we were violating the separation of church and state by allowing Governor Kulongoski to speak in our fellowship hall. I would like to respond.

Our building is rented by a variety of community groups. All that we ask is that they pay their rent, clean up after themselves, and be respectful of the building.

The Baker County Democrats have been renting our fellowship hall once a month for years. They rented the hall an additional day October 28 to host the governor when he came to town. Other groups who would like to rent the hall may fill out a building use form and pay the rental fee.

When First Presbyterian Church built our fellowship hall, the congregation hoped it would be used by the community. We are glad to be able to participate in the life of Baker County by providing a spacious meeting room with tables, chairs and a large kitchen. The entrance and the restrooms are wheelchair accessible.

As a tax exempt organization, our church does not endorse particular candidates, measures, or initiatives. We do not allow political signs on our property.

As a Presbyterian church, during worship on Sunday mornings, we ask God to send wisdom to our government leaders, and pray for peace, justice and God's will to be done.

The Rev. Susan M. Barnes

First Presbyterian Church

Editor's note: Susan Barnes is married to Herald reporter Mike Ferguson.

Come back with less expensive bond

To the editor:

I think Baker really needs a new middle school, but I think the task force needs to go back to the drawing board and come up with something that the economy of Baker can support. As I read the articles in the paper about the task force meetings and planning sessions, it was like a bunch of kids in a candy store. It was andquot;I want this,andquot; andquot;we need this,andquot; andquot;let's include this,andquot; and on and on...

I really feel the sixth grade belongs in the grade schools. This change alone would probably save several million dollars. It seems they had they had andquot;Cadillacandquot; tastes with andquot;Model Tandquot; resources.

I'd really like to see them pare the plans down closer to the original estimate of around $12 million and re-submit it.

Alberta Bailey

Baker City