New letter writers a welcome addition

To the editor:

It's encouraging to see all of the new authors in the letters section of the paper. It wouldn't seem that eminent domain is what brought them out. Everyone who is concerned about government abuse of power in this area should thank Oregonians in Action for the time, trouble and expense of putting Measures 7, 37 and 39 on the ballots.

Let me tie Christopher Christie's letter (Friday, Dec. 1) into all of this. Chris linked energy policy and population increases together. Let me again raise the issue of what a policy of constant population increase does for your quality of life. Go back to 1965 when Bobby Kennedy got immigration quotas removed. Our population growth curve started straight up.

Enter Tom McCall and Senate Bill 1010 in 1973, the most blatant abuse of eminent domain powers in the history of the nation. But we bought into this because too many people were having an adverse effect on the environment. Country living had to be curtailed. No one but a farmer or rancher could live in the country. andquot;Sprawlandquot; was going to kill us.

Of course the real problem, constantly expanding populations, was never addressed. Our globalists friends looked at people as just another customer, potential cheap labor and soldiers for the empire. And where were the environmentalists? Their organizations grew and they talked about zoning, recycling and energy conservation in the mistaken belief that putting bandages on the wound would cure the basic disease.

Let's do some basic math. Say for instance everyone has 100 gallons of gas, 100 square feet of living space, 100 gallons of clean water, 100 square feet of driving space on the freeway and 100 kilowatts of power. If you want to have 50 of each of those, then double your population.

How the President and Congress act during the next session will determine whether the United States stays with the ballot box or the bullet box, because when the sheep become aware that they have been sold out, things will change one way or another. Eventually they will understand that the fight isn't between Democrats and Republicans. It is between Americans and corporate globalists.

Steve Culley

Baker City

Governor's budget benefits government

To the editor:

In regard to Governor Kulongoski's news release of Dec. 4 on his 2007-2008 andquot;Hope andamp; Opportunityandquot; Budget Plan.

I challenge you to find the word andquot;jobsandquot; in this plan even one time. Look for the term andquot;private sector.andquot; Not happening.

On the contrary, I can't even count the number of andquot;we'sandquot; in here. The governor's andquot;weandquot; clearly means the state government. He is a classic governor-with-a-state and the people are not to be a state with a government. He will never get it. I just hope our legislators do get it and show some discipline and take the opportunity to run this state like a business, not like an unaccountable charity.

His plan is a huge disincentive for business and private family wage job holders and seekers and is a bonanza for state government and those who seek a state in which to live where there is no need for personal initiative, risk taking, responsibility or accountability.

Just wait until the rest of his tax plan and environmental restrictions are decreed.

When will he learn that all monies which are used to provide services for our people come from private sector jobs? Disincentivisingthese jobs and businesses in favor of more and larger government programs is a guaranteed path to economic and societal bankruptcy.

True Oregonians know we have suffered through the infancy of this mentality for 24 years. Now it is here and all powerful. I ask the governor, let people grow, take risks, earn and employ and our budget woes (including education costs) are taken care of. I'm telling you all to grab hold of your wallets because it's going to be one hell of a tug-of-war.

Tim Smith

Harney County

Close theater but not middle school?

To the editor:

Okay, lets see if I get this right:

You, the city, close the Eltrym Theatre because if doesn't have proper sprinklers. Then you, the residents, turn down a bond that would greatly affect your children in the middle school.

So let's say a fire breaks out while the children are in school. 1. They, the children, could very well stamp each other in the narrow stair wells. 2. They could be overcome with smoke. 3. They could fall through the floors while trying to get out.

Please don't think it couldn't happen, it has in other cities!

How many of you parents are willing to take that chance with your children. I know I would't want that for my grandchildren who will be going there.

Please, don't be like the weeping person, wringing their hands, saying, andquot;Why did I let this happen?andquot;

Elzena Robinson

Boise, Idaho

Some ideas

to light up park

To the editor:

Hey! Hats off to the Lions Club for its Christmas light display in the city park. I have been trying for several years to get enough interest to light up the park.

This is my idea: First, I would talk businesses, organizations and others into adopting and decorating a tree. Second, I think the downtown Christmas tree should be in the park. And third, the twilight parade should end in the park. The tree we have is very nice and hats off to the volunteers, but it is so tucked away.

I would like to see some vendors and a small mobile Santa house, with the lighting to take place at the end of the parade in the park. I will donate the trailer and build the Santa house.

I have acquired the use of the Elvin Carter light display, have restored it and was prepared to put it in the park on behalf of the pilots' organization, but was informed by city staff that we have to show proof of insurance.

There doesn't seem to be any interest coming from HBC, as it does not get involved in anything off of Main street.

It looked like too many hoops to jump through, so I gave it up. But I would like to take one more shot at 2007. I have a lot more ideas, too numerous for this letter, such as parade cash prizes, tree-decorating contests, etc.

I would like to hear from anyone with comments on this subject. Call or e-mail me, Mel Cross, at 523-4539; 519-6018; or .

Mel Cross

Baker City