To the editor:

I'm not much for writing letters to the editor, but after reading the article andquot;Development Coordinator is Outandquot; (Baker City Herald, Aug. 15) I felt compelled to say something.

I recently moved back to Eastern Oregon after suffering through living in the Portland area for many years. It is my opinion that Steve Brocato is either from Portland or a place just like it. His type do not want any local people involved in their politics, they want to bring in people from OUTSIDE that have the same opinions as they do. That way they can pass their opinions on to the rest of us without anybody questioning them. And Steve Brocato's statement that if and when the andquot;ultimate idolandquot; comes in that they just might have to ask for MORE money! Who is he kidding? I am sure he already has the andquot;ultimate idolandquot; picked out and has already promised his andquot;idolandquot; top money for this position. That is probably why he felt it necessary to push Troy Phillips out and make room for HIS andquot;idol.andquot; As far as I can see, Troy Phillips did nothing wrong except be a local, and that, I warn you, is a big minus for those power hungry individuals that couldn't make it in the big city.

If the residents of Baker City value their hometown, they need to wake up and see what is happening before it is too late. The Steve Brocatos of this world will trample them into the ground with their big city ideals. These types come into small areas and infest themselves into the inner works of the city and eat it alive. No one sees the damage until it is too late.

And you can darn well bet that the andquot;talent poolandquot; out there that Fred Warner Jr. and Steve Brocato are talking about only consists of people just like them.

And why is no one jumping up and down questioning the council's decision to ease Steve Brocato's buying restrictions? Maybe it is already too late.

Janice Brust

Baker City