To the editor:

How wonderful it is to be back in Baker City! I always knew what friendly and helpful people lived here, but it was really brought home when I fell in Albertsons car wash and broke my knee in four places. I want to thank the family for the wonderful care they gave me while waiting for the ambulance, the ambulance drivers, and especially the hospital staff and Dr. Sandefur and his staff.

I can't begin to list all of my friends, family, and neighbors who have been so much help with meals, housework, doctor's appointments, hospital visits, and just keeping me company. Also, I did not know what a wonderful group of people we have with Guardian Home Health. These people make my days comfortable and strengthening with my physical therapy and daily needs. I would list all by name, but I might forget someone! Just know you are all appreciated and loved.

Nancy Simrell Polvi

Baker City