Before you can learn much of anything, you must learn to read.

And yet, as fundamental as reading is to education, every year students in every school struggle with subjects because they don't read as well as they ought to.

Baker School District officials want to prevent such problems. Their prescription is called RTI Response to Intervention. The program, which debuted in the district last year at Brooklyn Elementary, is in place this year in grades K-3 at each of the district's elementary schools. Grades 4-6 will be added next year, and RTI, if needed, could expand to the middle school and high school, too.

Although the district hasn't used RTI long enough to measure the program's effectiveness, we applaud officials for recognizing how crucial it is for students to become accomplished readers as soon as possible. The district's commitment involves more than another acronym, too there's also a reading specialist assigned to each elementary school.

That reads to us like a formula for success.