To the editor:

On Sept. 1, I was passing through your great state to see my ill mother in Caldwell, Idaho. I was at Mile Post 325 (I could see the cement plant out my window) and two deer were standing in the middle of the road. I could not avoid them because I saw them too late. I hit one of them for sure, and I did an extensive amount of damage to my car.

It was after midnight and I was completely mortified and terrified, but had chosen to drive to Idaho after work to spend time with my family. I immediately called my family and said I'd be a little late.

The police officer who responded was so understanding and so nice. He told me that he had to check for the deer and I might hear a shot because he had to put it out of its misery. He was so soft and gentle to me as I sat in my car in my unbelief that this had happened to my new car and I had hurt a beautiful deer.

The tow truck driver took me to the El Dorado Motel and made sure I was safe getting to my room. I had dragged this man out of bed and he acted like it was no big deal.

My car was towed the next day to Eagle Valley Collision Rebuilders. What can I say about Sally Knudson and her crew? Sally mailed me some stuff that I had left in my car.

I picked up my car last weekend. It was beautiful. You cannot tell anything happened to my car. A special thanks to Officer Jeffrey Spencer, who responded to my hysterical call. He was the essence of what a good police officer should be.

I am convinced that the difference in my experience was dealing with small-town businesses that still care about their customers. I would encourage anyone reading this to use these businesses I have talked about whenever they can. I guarantee that they will make you glad you did, just like me.

Gloria Thomas

Everett, Wash.