To the editor:

Because Ballot Measure 34, a bond levy for $21 million, will soon be mailed I felt compelled to voice my opinion on this matter.

I was born in Baker City in 1942. I attended North Baker Grade School, 6th grade in the Central School, Helen M. Stack Jr. High, then on to Baker High School. Except for five years, I have lived here all my life. I suppose I was born in an era where you, as they say, sucked it up and made do with what you had. You kept your house in good repair, your car, and so on.

All that being said, the one question that is too little too late is: andquot;Why didn't the School District keep the Middle School in good repair?andquot; I know there are houses in Baker City that are older than the Middle School, they seem to be livable. The Baker County Courthouse is older than the Middle School, it is still being used. I can only come to the conclusion that the School District did not do their job.

Our city is known as historic Baker City, we pride ourselves on the older structures in our town. I feel that the Helen M. Stack Building is one of those. It has history and should not be discarded as if it were nothing.

All you voters that rent, do not think this bond levy will not affect you. Your landlords will have no choice but to pass along the amount added to their property tax to you.

I can only hope that you will think Ballot Measure 34 over thoroughly. I urge you to vote andquot;No.andquot; There has to be a better solution. This measure was defeated once. Let's keep our heads and do it again.

Glenda Purvine

Baker City