To the editor:

The editors at the Baker City Herald really need to quit reading The Oregonian. Your editorial andquot;Teachers and gunsandquot; is a case in point. I'm not going to quote you because that would put me over my word limit so I'll just get to the main points.

The idea that only police officers should have weapons in a dangerous situation is an idea from the left part of the state. It was never intended by the founding fathers that only those working for the state should have a monopoly on public or individual safety. In fact the Constitution expressly goes the other way and recognizes an obligation for the common citizen to take responsibility for his own safety and indeed the safety of the republic by being armed against tyranny. That's the gist of the second amendment.

Oregon law gives the Legislature sole authority over guns and expressly prohibits localities from enacting gun laws. You would seem to side with Ginny Burdick, the infamous gun-banning Portland senator, on this issue.

Space is limited so here are some facts to ponder. Since Columbine there have been numerous other school shootings. In all of those incidents the police showed up in time to do a body count. If even one person would have had the ability to defend himself a lot of lives would have been saved. Instead we have people who have never fired a weapon at all, let alone in a combat situation, writing policy. We get stuff like expelling a kid for drawing a picture of a gun and such while teaching the kids to be quiet and line up and wait for the executioner.

Not only does current state law need to remain in effect, but we need to think about things like having weapons in a secure place for some men teachers who still possess a set of male gonads to have available if a situation develops. And we need to know the thinking of school board members on this so we can make appropriate decisions at election time.

Steve Culley

Baker City