To the editor:

If the vote for a new Middle School in the north of town passes, we taxpayers will be losing a very valuable asset.

The Helen M. Stack School and the adjoining two and one quarter city blocks have been presold for a mere $250,000. If you look at the real estate ads, you will find that many single-family homes on fairly small lots are selling for that price and much more.

The HMS building is structurally sound. An elevation can easily be added. The disastrous remodel of the stage and bleachers in the gymnasium can be reversed. It is in an ideal location within walking distance from most of the town.

We need to keep our Middle Schools in the center of town where they have been for many years. A andquot;Noandquot; vote on building a new school should finally convince the 5J administration that our magnificent historic buildings have architectural integrity and can provide a quality learning environment for future generations.

Frances Burgess

Baker City