Do we need six basketball courts?

To the editor:

I came to Baker in 1936. I went to South Baker School from the third grade through the sixth. The war came and my family moved to Vancouver, Wash., where my father worked in the shipyards. We returned after the war and I finished my education at the old high school.

I learned my trade at Peerless Cleaners and went back to the coast and later settled in Vancouver, Wash., and went into business for myself. After raising four children we came back to our hometown that we love so much.

In all the schools that I have been in I have never heard of any that needed six to eight basketball courts in a city the size of ours.

It sounds to me that the middle school could be repaired for a lot less if some of the high-cost extras were taken out of the plans.

For this reason I ask everyone to vote no for a new school.

Robert Burby

Baker City