To the editor:

Ms. Calder plus one!

I find it hard to believe that nobody cares about the abuse of power in city government except for me and Beverly Calder.

Here is a bit more criticism of the city manager, Steve Brocato, for firing city employees and having no supervision from the City Council, other than from council member Beverly Calder. Mayor Jeff Petry seems to think he isn't involved. Perhaps he should go back to building houses and leave government to those who understand how to govern properly.

While I have never agreed with much Ms. Calder has ever brought up before the council, this time I feel she is on the right track. It is never andquot;over the lineandquot; to demand answers to valid questions. If there are things that shouldn't be released to the general public, for security reasons, the City Council should still be informed.

What is he hiding? Why is he unwilling to answer any questions concerning the resignation of Troy Phillips, or the firing of David Fine and Evan McKenzie?

If the city manager is unwilling to answer questions, he should be removed from his position immediately!

The city manager is responsible to the City Council and ultimately to the citizens of Baker City for continued employment. We have the right to remove him, and any others, at any time if their performance is unsatisfactory. When he fires employees and is unable or unwilling to state the reason he terminated their employment, his employment should be terminated. We need a city manager, not a little dictator! Any city councilor or employee who believes they are above the law or above reproach needs a wake-up call.

The city manager is an appointed position, but city councilors are elected and can be removed from office by the people! Govern properly, or be removed from your position.

Jim Thomas

Baker City