To the editor:

Imagine walking into a hospital and receiving the care you would have in the 1940s or '50s. Most people demand the latest and greatest in healthcare advancements. Do you?

Imagine sending our troops to war with equipment and supplies from the 1950s or '60s. Most people know this would be ludicrous. Do you?

Imagine our children trying to be educated in buildings that haven't been updated for years because the majority in Baker City has never passed a maintenance bond to keep those buildings updated. Trust me, it's not about andquot;the way the light flows through the big windows.andquot; Like a famous politician says, andquot;When we as a society pretend that our children will fulfill their potential in dilapidated, unsafe schools with outdated equipment, we are perpetuating a lie on these children and on ourselves. We are betraying our values.andquot;

Imagine the future. The past can and should be preserved, but not through education or healthcare. Most people know advancements and change in these areas is positive. Do you?

Imagine a vote for the kids and city of Baker. Then do it.

Karen Harlow

Baker City