To the editor:

It's a crime. What I mean is the open range law. After all, this is 2007, not 1900. This law should have been changed years ago if the state was really concerned about saving lives and accidents that livestock on the roads have caused.

The livestock owner is not held liable when someone is killed, which happened recently on Highway 7. On top of that they want you to pay for their cattle. You hear of all the problems with drunk drivers but livestock on the highways is just as dangerous as any drunk driver, if not more so.

If I have a dog that attacks someone or kills a child, I'm held criminally responsible and liable. I think it should be the same for livestock owners. I've had an accident myself, causing a few thousand dollars damage, and several other close calls. It looks like if we can build fences along streams to protect them from cattle we should be able to build fences along highways. If I owned cattle and caused an accident where someone was seriously injured or killed, I couldn't help but feel responsible.

Carl Myers

Baker City