To the editor:

I am writing this letter to the editor to clarify my position. When I ran for Baker City Council, I perceived the good ole boy as the way that city government was running. Being one that does not believe in those tactics, I submitted my name to the voters and was elected.

I believe we need to move ahead in a positive way together, which is not the good ole boy way but just the commonsense way. I do not believe in censoring the public about city business. I do believe it would be nice to have a positive way about reporting the news. I believe we can deal with negative issues in a positive way, like the last editorial about our city manager doing the right thing with the building department issue.

I am available to talk to anyone about where we are headed as a city, and I hope that those of you reading this will get on board and see our community move ahead in a positive way.

I believe Steve Brocato is doing what we commissioned him to do when we hired him.

Terry Schumacher

Baker City councilor