To the editor:

I am skeptical of the high remodeling costs suggested to upgrade our two middle school buildings.

Last week on Portland's Channel 8 news, there was a segment about an older high-rise office building in downtown Portland that a firm was in the process of remodeling. The building was several stories high and consisted of several thousands of square feet. The firm was completely gutting the building before remodeling began. The spokesman for the firm said, when finished, they would have about seven million dollars invested in the remodeling. If my memory serves me correct, that is less than one-fourth the remodeling costs proposed for the middle school buildings.

I have to admit that I can't make an accurate square-foot comparison between the two projects but the vast disparity in the cost of projects that at least appear similar in size certainly makes me wonder about the suggested price for our school remodeling.

This is simply something else for the voters to consider before casting their votes on a very important decision.

Dick Culley

Baker City