To the editor:

As pastor of St. Francis DeSales Cathedral, I share the disappointment of my parishioners at the exclusion of any information about a historic day in Baker City last week. Our Cathedral is turning 100, and a century ago, a full page in the Morning Democrat commemorated that event. Yet, after Oct. 25, not one sentence was included in your paper to record this memorable day. We had five archbishops, 28 priests and a large congregation, many of whom traveled hundreds of miles for a special Mass and blessing of the renovated Cathedral.

The day before, an anachronistic photo taken by a staff photographer in August was on the front page, accompanied by an article. So much work has taken place since then, and the sanctuary of our Cathedral restored with the help of many craftsmen and professionals from our community. We are all proud of what it looks like now, and are happy to let the entire Baker City community admire the hard work.

I appreciate any coverage our Cathedral has received over the years, and I look forward to continue to collaborate with Lisa Britton as the religion editor of the paper. I have no intention to push the Catholic religion on anyone, but I think such a historic church which is the apple of our eyes should be appreciated more by our local newspaper. Our Web site ( has hundreds of photos for you to reproduce any time. It would have been wonderful to write a story that brought hundreds of people together, and to get comments from those who attended! And a picture of the concelebrated Mass led by retired Bishop Connolly would have been a treasured photo by everyone.

But for an event like this to be overlooked is beyond my comprehension. When I read reports in the Baker City Herald about every cow or horse that sneezes, every football or baseball thrown, or every snowflake that falls in town, it baffles me that this centennial celebration was not reported at all.

Thank you for a great paper, but please let the big events that happen here make it even greater.

The Rev. Julian Cassar

Baker City