To the editor:

In 2004 when talk of remodeling or rebuilding the middle school started, I was told that it was a andquot;done deal.andquot; That the school board would be doing anything they could to convince us that a new school was the only solution. They scared us with mold, pigeon poo, lots of stairs for children to climb, ugly paint and paintball messes, way too much exercise for kids to cross the street to go to classes, etc.

Over the next three-plus years, discussions started, meetings were held, letters were written, both pros and cons. More money was spent. Then we, the tax-paying voters, said andquot;No.andquot;

So what did the school board do? They spent more money on yet another big firm and stated, andquot;A new school it is.andquot; The arrogance and disregard for the opinions of the people of Baker is shocking.

Then in the letters to the editor there was an attack on the Burgess family and those of us who disagree with this huge expenditure of money. They represent informed and concerned citizens. They are the heart and soul of our historic town, people who are proud of our old homes and buildings, who want to build on what we have. There are many of us who want to keep this area rural and not see any more urban sprawl on prime farmland.

Did anyone else wonder about this: Mr. Poe from the Modus firm promised not to go over the $21 million budget by much. What? Is 5 percent too much? 10 percent?

Stop wasting time and money. Fix our schools. Vote andquot;Noandquot; on more taxes.

Patti Hanley

Baker City